LUDWiG hosts different events throughout the academic year, open to all. To access content and virtual events, join the Moodle course page or follow us on Facebook!

Upcoming Events

LUDWiG Leadership Summit | June 26th-August 8th

Fall Term 2021

SI Event | TBD
Welcome Week Event | TBD

LUDWiG Initial Meeting | September 13th
Topic: Planning for the Activities Fair, Interview?
Activities Fair | September

Sharps Containers Training | September
LUDWiG 101 Meeting | September 20th
LUDWiG–Career Services Session | September 24th, 4pm CT
LUDWiG Meeting | September 27th
Bjorklunden Trip | Late September-Early October
LUDWiG Meeting | October 4th
LUDWiG Virtual Mixer | October 8th
LUDWiG Meeting | October 11th
Project LETS | October TBD
LUDWiG Meeting | October 18th
LUDWiG Intro to Disability Studies Meeting | mid-October
Topic: Funding Proposal Edits
LUDWiG Disability Policy and Advocacy Event | October 20th

Topic: The Transformation to Competitive Integrated Employment Act or Keeping All Students Safe Act
LUDWiG Meeting | October 25th
Training Workshop for Faculty & Staff | Fall 2021 (TBD)
LUDWiG Meeting | November 1st
LUDWiG Virtual Mixer | November 5th
LUDWiG Meeting | November 8th
LUDWiG Meeting | November 15th

Winter Term 2022
LUDWiG Meeting | January 3rd
Lydia Brown | Date TBD January 2022
LUDWiG Power and Disability Justice Conversation (lecture follow up discussion) | Winter 2022
LUDWiG Meeting | January 10th
Social Mixer: Special Topic Sharing Session | January 2022
MLK Day Disability Policy and Advocacy Event | January 17th

LUDWiG Meeting | January 17th
LUDWiG Meeting | January 24th
FRST Visits w/ Angels in America | Late January 2022-Early February 2022
LUDWiG Meeting | January 31st
LUDWiG Meeting | February 7th
LUDWiG Meeting | February 14th
LUDWiG Meeting | February 21st
LUDWiG Meeting | February 28th
Book Discussion | March 2022
Topic: Care Work

LUDWiG Meeting | March 7th

Spring Term 2022
LUDWiG Meeting | March 28th
LUDWiG Transition Group | March 29th
LUDWiG Meeting | April 4th
LUDWiG Transition Group | April 5th
World Autism Day Event | April 2022
LUDWiG Meeting | April 11th
LUDWiG Transition Group | April 12th
LUDWiG Meeting | April 18th
LUDWiG Transition Group | April 19th
Film Screening | April 2022
Topic: Autism Goes to College
LUDWiG Meeting | April 25th
LUDWiG Transition Group | April 26th
Dialogue Facilitation Training | April 2022
LUDWiG Meeting | May 2nd
LUDWiG Transition Group | May 3rd
LUDWiG Meeting | May 9th
LUDWiG Transition Group | March 10th
Disability Representation in Literature | May 2022
LUDWiG Meeting | May 16th
LUDWiG Transition Group | May 17th
LUDWiG Meeting | May 23rd
LUDWiG Transition Group | May 24th
LUDWiG Meeting | May 30th
Topic: Graduation Celebration and Stole Ceremony
Leadership Summit | Summer 2022

Past Events

Our past events include a Crip Camp film screening and discussion, discussions about ableism and non-disabled privilege, virtual social mixers, a Disability Policy and Advocacy event, a World Autism Day event, and an I Am Greta film screening.