““It’s nice because this group is kind of pulling the conversation together,” Chand said. “People are having these conversations, but they’re usually behind closed doors, and people with disabilities often aren’t in the room. It’s really great that, all of a sudden, if you want to have a conversation about something related to disability and any other intersection, [LUDWiG is a] network for that to happen.” 

from “New Disability Working Group focuses on campus accessibility,”
LUDWiG was the recipient of a Diversity and Inclusion Champion award!
Sterling was recently featured in an article about their work as chair of the Student Welfare Committee!

“”You don’t need to run as a candidate, but I think you should know what is going on,” Ambrosius said of getting involved. “Especially for marginalized students. It’s important to get involved in communities where you feel safe and supported.”

Jojo was featured in an article about his work as chair of the Judicial Board!